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in oregon to take the road to think this is. the wind meaning more . what footage from kiev which is once again burning as russia said that up in independence square which twenty four hours ago to witness the country's deadliest clashes in decades that's a no frills and weapons distorted from the authorities into the machine gun was raising fears of an escalation of violence. while russia's president touches the west is still awaiting ukraine's government for the fun and i can get extremist with the kitten heel position instead. in other news as i
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look of this region with four tall and took him into backing the plan to create a separate european internet free it from the nsa spying and an associate gold silver and pearls for russia wrong bait well but huge disappointment for hockey fans as the home side crashes out of the quarter finals to get up to sochi the voice of dissent . since it's nice to eat with friends that they though it was to use that to him most and which to midnight and ten pm in kiev with that is new is also a development causing concern it's reported more than a thousand weapons to be stolen from the authorities tested day of the violent clashes of twenty six and with hundreds needing hospital treatment for injuries. he's an excuse as he reports now from a halt on the unrest. reporting from
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the detritus from the protest site this time will take you to the other side of the barricade the police lines where obesity the artist is great as the justices also the police lines and the police as he did a concert of what's happening at the moment as you can see the police line in seattle but at the protest as they licked the tires on fire again. the coal areas covered with black smoke is hard to see to read the police operator much everywhere cos the place had the presence right now especially after the information that's reportedly protesters in the western part of the country the run up front costs the city has told a tasty ten thousand holders of several hundred handguns and machine guns from the security services are some of them the bring it over to see if that's why the authorities are to implementing some sort of counter terrorism operation mode in ukraine would not know for sure what that is but that is definitely needing a tougher security measures. everyone was against it awfully hard on so i can see for itself the movement of the police as they rotate in all the time they're moving their forces
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now and then decided to commit violent at the moment although just a few minutes ago we saw from this building over that which is used to be the police whether evolution headquarters of the form of labor union building several molotov cocktail was thrown right at the place where i'm standing right now as you can see it looks like continuing the war zone with all the rubble with all the rocks which was thought at the police the remains of molotov cocktails garbage everything so this has to be a beautiful wedding essentials city of it is pretty much a telling story of what has become over the pa several days this is the true mayhem. right now you call it stands we can call it. pretty much concentration combat violence last night and violence on tuesday but you never know what's going to happen next because everyone behind all this modified behind the barricades over there they're expecting another assault on the police the police was standing calmly and doing nothing at all that to securing the perimeter as fun as we can see i spoke to some of them were not really aggressive they're not expecting any movement tonight said. you can mold
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that it does is going to be quiet but again no assurances of that because know enough to come to that side is documented proof already that protesters said he was the life of weapons live rounds against a police cell we keep pointing the situation and we're hoping that no major violence will happen during the night that happened on tuesday night in kiev. who granted it is a british journalist based in western ukraine and he says. this current of what is effectively ripping the country into. what i want done. it's all on the rise and fall it is not a zero point zero one cents the korean population of water and four. my topic was asking for is an election which will see them echo beach state on the verge of tears that come and go back to college to study showed
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that to them when water has been selected to . for its use of donated clothes to a cup or two before which is of course democracy. what you see is the absolute opposite you see it's terrorism houston bowl. i also need to look at your finances and the goings on with this page to find a good place to ukraine. i'm taking it in a tent a cute couple months ago two peter one twenty eight atlantic alliance between the two i had not gone to it's on and on the swings bulldogs ago. the two thousand and twelve. joe its triumphant moment comes that we still were young. this will resume today. and the ukraine. anyway the kids you can integrate back into balls. this image attached to the cheese. the foreign affairs of this is
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the chronicles magazine he believes that western politicians of one hundred percent culpable. over the summer hats. we have weakness base and keep up to see from the european union ever since the beginning of this crisis from the face of the most gracious. early on the protests had the detainee to be the cool evenings and you need the sender. and in to terrorism since kenya the nineteenth and we can no longer use the term tenants i would rather use that to read books because we are looking at de facto on the belly of an oriental college to continue listening to radio calls from the west and teachers also being called a bite bite them. and by kerry and cost forty strange. would it be simply sell the pt because all of these people are up to no good. they want regime change they're interested in the geopolitical control over key country in central eastern europe. what i've spoken to green party mep rebecca holmes he feels that the eu smiling for the involvement in ukraine's crisis is completely justified. i want to read
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types that was set to bring forth process in ukraine on the good forces on one table it and to negotiate on the peaceful it away he followed up this crisis the back end at the bottom about what bill was sweet he was our president datuk all that can keep that in his surroundings to talk about negotiations and talks but the opposition have an engaging donald because in effect it seems they've been hijacked by the extremist nationalist and said that ford is the key you still support real position when has that very dubious of an identity that this is a and not that these are extremists in the streets of ukraine this is only made me a small part of the student's name doubt very very moment. they come from meats and breads they are fed up with the koran to open it needs to stay in one of the ward off
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your debts or to attack and trying and on government buildings to attacks on him and it's an acceptable way of protest. this was not the way which has been show was an out by the odd that movement i can really i can promise you that i have talked to many keep it from use in western ukraine. they want a peaceful solution. shorty elicited the fact that the authorities the police offices of been accused of brutality by the eu. peaceful protests to be seen in ukraine received lots of green material from the past week so no it was all to please me as it ought to determine that all of the latch that today in ukraine. i think that everybody dies is a depressant. not too much. i did a few years since long time that there might yet very very. it cost escalation and pops who can stop it. who can stop that those who can stop that are part of the government to cut off ukraine and the president datuk all that today is the fast with the utility to
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state how we go all out back to the table we negotiate. we don't want five abduction meanwhile he's been away for voices from the west or the music and mentioning sanctions only in battle statements not get to more life reaction now from what she's gonna teach econ she's joining us that the emotion the goddess it begins and strong opinions coming from western politicians for the small. well bill president obama condemns the violent scenes ukraine saying that the us holds the ukrainian government primarily responsible for ensuring that their handling protesters peacefully he said and that there will be consequences if people step over the line and he also said we expect the ukrainian government to show restraint not to resort to violence and then when he went on to say whew when do we expect peaceful protest is to remain peaceful which is clearly not they are not the case in the footage that we've seen so far you have rioters attacking the police with
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guns storming government buildings. now earlier us secretary of state john kerry has raised the possibility of sanctions on two free tickets well canada has received some stories it's a difficult one to hear about on all night or i'm gonna thanks very much indeed for that instrument was a long one mile in one moment though if you have a moment that while kiki race that the possibility at and they're already sanctions in place against a number of ukrainian officials bar even entrance into the west is not clear what new sanctions u s officials are talking about i haven't specified by the time his credit card get those forces on the streets of kiev. among the month of writers who instigated by this weekend's european be good considering what they described as corrugated sanctions against those responsible for the violence in ukraine now the leaders have not specified again what they mean when they say those responsible for the file is
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if it's the writers are eating in a car get them with sanctions to lots of questions that the president of the european parliament resembled marking tools went as far as to say that quote the ukraine authorities are about to lose all legitimacy the current authorities in ukraine me to make space for transitional government of national unity an early election is in order to bring back the legit of the legitimacy that. the flag national authorities now the statements raise questions about what that these leaders think a lot of cocktails and attacking the police is the way to call for early elections in a democracy. six remorse and asymmetric and to stir my emotions to move canada has so we've just recently not disclose its diplomatic mission in kiev until further notice health of others reported the break up in front of the embassy. that would cost to see what she beat them and spend the ukraine capital and there will be keeping me up today with all the latest news from that and the adjuster much or online team is providing a life minute by minute timeline of events and content to auntie go home for
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the updates. more news coming up this hour including the elite to sporting action from source to the soft official rate is in aussie. i am i know. when i close my eyes i see people last week sometimes i think that your image itself is a face covered by a must. people in boston butts it was sometimes it feels as if all
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that he created them. do i i i . . the didn't huntsman merkel is taking a portrait of creating an eu and the internet to frauds in the hope of getting present moment to back this sunday in other european communications network is designed to prevent use of data from sneaking across the atlantic but this ttc cabin of reports that olds could prove far more difficult than it seems the european online
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communications within europe it's an idea that's gained traction in the revelations of widespread us by. and now the german chancellor is on board. a bit and finding all of us but they will talk with european providers that offer security for our citizens to that one shouldn't have to send emails and other information across the atlantic. rather one could build up adjudication networking site you'll recall many cuts on spits back off thus i spoke with america's surveillance has outraged european leaders especially on the merkel whose cellphone was allegedly tapped although germany is one of america's closest allies documents leaked by the former nsa contractor at which noted chili was treated as a third class partner spying on at levels similar to china and saudi o'grady us to put in perspective the nsa watched twenty two million german phone connections and ten million internet data sets on an average day tapping only two million connections in france during the same time. although fury
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marbles initiatives may have wanted to do with anger at home the government has been seen as lax on us by name and snowden revealed cooperation between countries may have been closer than german indignation would indicate it doesn't really poor dogs and the need of a plan the it doesn't seem that said the conservative party that is concerned with the protection of those days of some citizens abroad. it seems to be on the part of pressure. and put thoughts of the united states. i'm a bit but it's unclear what did the actual coffers of this year's market has been pushing the us for a relationship similar to the so called five i is agreement reached after the second world war a deal between english speaking countries not to spy on one another. the white house isn't playing ball or there's no country where we have a no spiral. now it appears that germany is going on the offense and with plans for counter espionage against
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western allies. as for merkel's into proposal while the devil is in the details currently the message sent from one online user to another to have a long journey before reaches its destination. although the german government housing for the specifics the european network could potentially allow data to bypass background. it is that we would stay well for why the internet is a global network of walking it off the hero goes against the concept of a world wide web. what's more different european countries have different laws and privacy so we shared policy would need to be adopted for a europe wide scheme to work and there's a bigger issue is not something and say let's put it that way. um yes a gu square today it is. if the nsa simple text messages that the telecommunications networks in china. they can probably manage to get facebook messages out of germany moving the date is fixed costs of securing data is the problem. the problem
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that will take more than tough talk to fix. reporting in berlin for our tea and the sea captain. imprisoned us only was over chelsea manning fully known as brett lee's big moment in absentee after revelations of us war crimes. having been handed the twenty fourteen sam adams award for integrity in intelligence. the prizes given out annually by a group of former cio this is to have anything to champion the truth even if it meant breaking my writing and the reward for making secret us with the documents beat and atrocities committed by americans in iraq and afghanistan but lost his prize with rivets waiting for his ruminations on washington's notorious spy network to speak with former m i five agent adding match when he was at the awards ceremony in box inside. i mean really the recipient was in the new boss when his old school friends and then the pm and the impact has he read out a speech that chelsea actually write specifically for this award
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i miss the wonderful to see so many intelligence offices and come together in all things at the oxford union society to honor the sacrifice and bravery just minding his sonatas this is his integrity intact the awarding of people he can take this to be it's still within the system or by the bank to try and protect the rights to school in the bank's fifty thousand teens said the rain was cold and there are many people efron and the us and uk intelligence agencies and the display proudly on its appeal to the team to give this award to tell the auntie said that she's no friends has not forgotten. and that the whole body wants to try to do in fact he was expressing the crimes of the ice. from what you're saying. early speed ineffective achieve manning sneddon the signs. i have a really actually changed anything for the future. what the beginning too. i m sunday at the culture with the planning and environment in which people should be
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doing it the last thing his eyes from my perspective shift. savy and awareness of the issues and he's changing people are very much whether that be the technological capability our intelligence agencies can now find it or when you're a doctor to see every left to keep the nsa and ptt hecs scheme in the uk quicksand is a different partner in crime at the end in sight. so we're seeing now is the technological capabilities outpaced the noise on the counter and as he visits i stood up and he's on his idol simple since nine eleven incident reports both sunni and see if the needle and the way that they do that. across north africa and that kind that i was thinking like that there is a prequel to the peak of people to stand up and say this to be done. i meant to
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be on the name but actually it is illegal and according to the level of excitement but this is necessary is a thoughtful and deep natural and man the steel security that's the argument is a many people would push polling what was going to see some some islands in the province has mastered yet skill for them and because they will rely in every facet of date nights on communication and instead it. the medical records or the timetable buying things and heading to the financial can tell status unless treated. for information is now fed games intelligence agencies because they can give it up and keep it for future reference in case the most challenge me to realize this is an effective tool. if you take effect at the prospects leads until i can at least a century did not notice they seem to think that concealment of grace in vain to use their right to communicate freely with the county had not. gul said when the case they need possibility of assassination to throw strikes which is based on a two pronged assessments often below and hits a old misconstrued had information that is thinking how are things that citizenry with any real danger to threats like much else manning and if it's negative
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and although i was surprised when kids get to the story on tv these people it infects sacrifice their freedom in manning received a harsh sentence of thirty five years will we see other whistleblowers of latino willing actually be scared off now while it was going to bet that demonizing with the plans and crushing them is just happy to listen to as at the time to build a ten percent level and still counting. he knew the hats the county sheriff great great renaming risk. however i know i mean the princess is testing a new organization called the coverage foundation. we'll see if the label organization to provide help with the technique of funding and support an african student told me to listen to you and say that the east coast to coast by surprise. if you pull your conscience and integrity. you can survive a protest. you will know the name of the little protection. my promotes a formidable fight agent i mention to you very much and b to b with this generous gift. on the fertile day two was happening in this his cup
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of the winter sports chief mentor studio on the black sea coast and my colleague kevin i know i know i can estimate the ups and downs so the above mentioned when the big cities such as the pig is to support a cause for many russians will be the ice hockey the country been expecting big things and that a end of the day they couldn't light the occasion being dumped out by finland in the quarterfinals. his skull. to say that the real error of the disappointment in and around so she right now much amazing three one two thin and the red machine going out to the quarter final stage of the men's ice hockey competition for the second winter olympics in iran of course this defeat is the hub more than mice because it did come on titan hikes they'll take the lead in the polls we are still in which you can probably just make out behind make it about chuck set them on their way put them on a lot of it all seemed to be gunning to ply on the fin and then scored three unanswered goals to secure their place in
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the semifinals then looking to improve when the bronze medal with a one four years ago that rewards for the victory over russia and is a semi final against sweden sweden beat slovenia five nailing the other quarterfinal of sweat days of good news for russia at the top twenty states of the figure skating women's individual bands ugliness of the cover is in the silver medal position off to the shorts program. however this disappointment for fifteen euro duty and a nice guy. of course she shot to fame off the stunning pool is displayed to help bush to go to the team events. all eyes on this evening she took to the ice in the short program in the women's individual competition. however stumble as i survey the damage the challenge of competing for a medal. she actually finished seven points worse off than she did. however it's not rule out an eighty two peas today rushed to secure the gold silver and bronze to that tally. it is the case it was keeping it in
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the family in the snowboard parallel giant slalom from russia are now the wild is actually an american city received russian citizenship in two thousand and eleven when he married his wretched old friend allie eileen those of a xena. another was a double reason for them to celebrate today because he won gold in the men's competition when she secured bronze beneath the relevant time before the game started while it's hard to attain explain exactly why he has swapped allegiances and how to get funding that states that there was a goner. it's the coolest one of the end of the shows an opportunity to get the ball. ditto the duo wanted to give. well despite the fact that he has decided to use while allegiance is not the americans that my colleague on to bomb a cool it out with often and supports a vehicle while the fox clean and dedicate to this omission in your face that now not all that hurts a little bit but we're still in play for right now. i take him i am i an eye. gold for
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old school rock show the silva came in the cross country skiing in the men's team sprint events on the one on other bit of news flow is holy unto him doll and he held no way to winning by a loan on the mixed relay. they won gold in and doing so he's become the single most decorated winter olympian in history. he now has thirteen medals to his name made to them and i'll go with the rights. well they could see that the no doubt we'll find out who received gold silver bronze medals in women's figure skating that's to come love about them with more tales of glory for some crushing disappointment for others this up she offers up another that golden opportunities to data from a cabinet that was baked well during the winter and six
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return on top top story this time the latest development in ukraine and we here in russia's present the depiction is told the job and chong summer in a telephone conversation that button should stop blaming the government for the extremists and grunting in ukraine he said the word chicken tenders with the real position to begin so i think that that the funds were net of russia's foreign minister said the west has responsibility for supporting radicals and encouraging the rest of the light pictures from my chunky ever the moment. with tensions are running high will have more on this at the top of the house and we continue with a special report here most international of the driving force behind them abundance in ukraine. if you're in the uk it's getting on the ground. men will be back together again for more nice and cool snap i i i i eye. i rmb her recently swiss
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voters nearly passed a referendum to put a strict quota back on immigration. so too is a role to the small country and some estimate that almost a quarter of the population is made up of immigrants from eu countries that is a lot of people as most are worried that increased foreigners will also mean increased crime rate prices were the state and erode traditional local culture as modern immigration almost always does. this is populations democratic choice for strict immigration is next with being blasted by the eu were asked what threats to cancel bilateral agreements. how do you have a different version of democracy between the eu have switzerland county are you i don't think this event will have much effect on the eu bureaucratic machine. nothing could make them change their hyper liberal minds. i think this was anti immigration referendum will have a huge effect on local populations in countries like germany and uk which are seen horrible effects of open borders and growing anti eu sentiment as i speak. i don't like to make
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predictions. i think a lot of disenfranchised people cross the eu are going to become quite jealous of this was smoke and demand the same type of changes at home. but that's just my thing. i room in. the it's the shrine town for a new way of teaching to which he did. it took an age it's a lace like stepping onto issuing checks. paul mary and everyday. many films and tv series. the art of
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architecture costly and sentenced to live the dream to build a teenage we had incredible views of the way i don't cheat and ninety three to find what mary and became customary to kind of chance it. he was still working on that they would use my empty shell. the itch to go the way to the beach became its th a tourist attraction we tasted the building being used as clubs can see it's choking to increase th. they still sell even cooler was one of our favorite buildings. grand experience in chinese. it's just didn't want to read and comment. when it's ninety s release. it is a model for these cupcake. needless to say to his creation. sadly it seems the street and design star team mates. the kitchen
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tap. she's coming down to the words. for many and today is a top tourist attraction in north wales. i am. they are in your eye. i am. six. i like gadgets. thanks so much for joining us here are some of the stories will be covering in the next thirteen still occupying key of independence square security threat for what they called this operation. the tears that will impose sanctions against ukraine at the crackdown against the opposition doesn't end i'm struggling french comic fcs a pretzel sticks but it gets a cash lifeline from


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